All Unison Raid Skills Showcase (+ Timestamps) | Fairy Tail Game (PC) – 60FPS

This video contains a showcase of all the possible Unison Raid attacks currently in new Fairy Tail game.

00:00 – Natsu x Lucy
00:24 – Gray x Juvia
00:37 – Natsu x Gray
00:51 – Erza x Jellal
01:13 – Erza x Kagura
01:31 – Erza x Mirajane
02:12 – Sting x Rogue
02:29 – Wendy x Sherria
02:43 – Juvia x Lucy
03:07 – Natsu x Gajeel

if you have any questions about this game or have any suggestions on what you would like me to cover in a video – please let me know in the comments!

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