Can football reverse course from the Super League? | ESPN FC

0:48 Hislop believes the Super League goes against everything the game of football stands for, and says big clubs need to reevaluate how they do business if they are struggling financially.
1:46 Marcotti explains what the Super League clubs are looking to gain, saying UEFA would have to be willing to negotiate for the league to ever become a real thing.
3:23 Marcotti calls out the big clubs for not managing their financial situations better, saying there was plenty of money to be made over the years before the pandemic.

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  1. The Owners of Super League Teams:

    Chelsea – Roman Abravomich (Jew) Russian/Israel.
    Tottenham – Joe Lewis (Jew) English.
    Manchester United – Joel Glazer (Jew) USA.
    Manchester City – Sheikh Mansour (Muslim) UAE.
    Liverpool – Tom Werner/John Henry (Jewish/American owned) USA.
    AC Milan – Paul Singer (Jew) USA.
    Arsenal – Stan Kroenke (Christian) USA.
    Juventus – (Agnelli Family) Italian.
    Inter Milan – (Zhang Jindong) Chinese.
    Athletico Madrid – (Spanish/Israeli Jewish Owned).
    Real Madrid – (Spanish Fan Owned).
    Barcelona – (Spanish Fan Owned).

  2. U guys stop ur rubbish. We know people are upset because champions league will lose its value. Stop the little clubs will be ruin rubbish scape goat. The rich clubs will get more earnings, just say it as it is.

  3. You know if they had just called this a tournament. Like a yearly double elimination tournament, I think they would have taken a lot less flak. The optics would be different. They fucked up. Bad propaganda.

  4. 3.5 billion is a huge slice of the pie Barcelona realMadrid and most of the EPL bring in most of the money and only get a thin slice of the big pie uafa and fifa controle im with the players their staying quiet though speek up boys whats up?

  5. Gab your so wrong about "they don't want to break away" yes they do they don't want to field their best players in these other competitions thus making them less redundant! They are actively trying to separate the big earners from the smaller ones. It's pure elitism

  6. Its going to happen. The earlier we accept it the easier it will be. Honestly no one will boycott. Thats why even the players arent speaking publicly

  7. When bankers like JP Morgan chase are involved in dubious deals surely the penny must drop ? . The fans/ players /managers must fight back!
    Together we are stronger !
    The rich only love one thing and it’s not football….💵💵💵💵

  8. Tired of playin small clubs. Need to play top clubs more regularly. More than 90 percent of our matches r against super small clubs. Look at NBA, Big bash, all r closed leagues nd highly successful with no relegation format. Change is tough but absolutely needed

  9. The reason they have a greater debt is their own fault!!! Spending to much money on players and salaries! AJAX doesnt do that either. The playfield isnt honest for a long time, and this makes it even worse! Disgusting! ❌❌❌

  10. How have clubs managed to spin this PR thing so that people like Shak are unironically saying 'financial burdern' and not realising how unbelievably stupid that is.
    Nobody forced Real and Barcelona to pay ridiculous wages and transfer fees – they chose this. They made their own bed.

  11. It seems like Super League will go on, but will have major and negative affects to the clubs involved.. The clubs can do whatever they want, but in the end, it's the players that perform on the pitch.. Based on what we seeing, which of the fans-adored players, top quality player would want to play for them only to get ridiculed, downright hated by majority of global fans?

  12. Why everyone is so scared to talk about perez? He just said in a n interview that super league is happening and all the club owners are now bind by contract for next 23 years. no one is leaving. there's no question of going back.
    He also said 16-24 age group doesn't have any interest in football, the games should be shorter than 90 mins, and the most important thing in football is money. HE FUKING SAID ALL THAT!!!! And he says that he will save football.
    This whole system needs to be rebuild. people like perez shouldn't have that power. uefa shouldn't have that power either because they're also corrupt AF

  13. This super league will be inevitable. Too much money involved. All it has to be is take away the founding club nonsense. Have promotion and relegation

  14. no doubt the big clubs took a massive hit on revenues from covid maybe the players on 200k a week needed to take a salary cut until crowds return and revenues are back to normal

  15. Football was corrupted the moment we had VAR, a system used in all American sports. American ideal to place money before the fans has hurt the game. The super league is just another version of MLS. I won't be surprised when they invite MLS clubs to this so called SUPER LEAGUE. Just money hungry American billionaires destroying the beautiful game of football

  16. I no longer watch epl since I need to pay addition for bein sport channel which is expensive. I cannot start to think how much people need to pay to watch ESL. Ligue 1 is in tv5 and bundesliga in dw, no additional pay from my cable tv subscription

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