Catminton (JumpStart Web Game)

Catminton is an online JumpStart game that was first released circa 2000. In this game, the player can play badminton with Casey Cat. The player and Casey take turns hitting a birdie back and forth, and the first to score eight points wins. Since I wanted to show both outcomes, the last part of this video is me playing terribly so that Casey wins.

This and similar JumpStart web games are all .dcr files, which are kind of difficult to get working with modern operating systems and browsers. I also have a feeling these games might be taken down at some point (as of now, they’re still accessible from, so I wanted to record some footage in case that happened.

Disclaimer: I own nothing in this video, all rights are reserved by the respective owners.


  1. I know Casey hosts concentration in JumpStart Artist, but I have the feeling Casey would host the game show version of “Classic Concentration” in honor of Alex Trebek of “Jeopardy!”.

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