Coming To PC!? The New Open World My Hero Academia Game – Gameplay & Everything We Know!

In this video, we’ll talk about all of the information that’s been gathered regarding the new My Hero Academia Open World Action RPG, My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero! We’ll go over various screenshots of the gave, images from conventions, and we’ll even breakdown how the images seem to reveal that the game will be playable on PC as well!

Credit goes to these amazing twitter users that’ve been going back and forth, and gathering alot of the footage and screenshots off of chinese social media site Weibo.



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  1. those hot keys could be just there as part of development because I'm sure they are testing the game on pc. But, even if the game is only on mobile, you can still play it on pc quite easily. You'd just need bluestacks or another mobile emulator and then you can set it up to work with mouse and keyboard or a controller

  2. they need to make it so you can make your own custom character and quirk and choose which hero school you go to and in the online game they have UA sports festival

  3. Is the game still coming out what what went down between China and the writer of my hero academia the name they used for the villain doctor was a name for something that meant human experimentation on the Chinese that happened between Japanese and the Chinese years ago now everything my hero academia is banned from China the game so far hasn’t been said that it won’t be released but it’s been taken off the. Tap tap store

  4. Dang I’m so psyched this is going to be amazing. I really hope it comes to the US and I cannot wait be open world I cannot wait so much so excited also global I really really hope. The my hero academia smash tap wasn’t so hopefully this is. My favorite anime.

  5. So… Boku No Hero is an incredibly popular shonen manga/anime at this very moment. Fans are looking another game besides Ones Justice (personally I felt Ones Justice was underwhelming and very derpy) but they decide to develop a mobile game? Regardless of how good it may look we still haven't got enough information. Mobile games are notoriously meh and wanting nothing more than your cash through microtransactions. Also, One Piece World Seeker was developed for console and PC. It is open world. It's the most meh One Piece game I've yet to play. Try not to get too hyped.

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