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Gap: The Series
  • Girls' love
  • Romantic comedy
Based onGAP
by Chao Planoy (เจ้าปลาน้อย)
Written byPatty Phatphatson Warissaraphuricha
Directed byNuttapong Wongkaveepairoj
  • Sarocha Chankimha
  • Rebecca Patricia Armstrong
Country of originThailand
Original languageThai
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes12
Executive producerSuppapong Udomkaewkanjana
  • Supakit Thawise
  • Chonkan Tosiri
Running time60 minutes
Production companyIDOLFACTORY
Original network
  • Channel 3
  • YouTube
Original release19 November 2022 –
11 February 2023

Gap: The Series (Thai: ทฤษฎีสีชมพู; Tritseedee See Chompoo, lit. Pink Theory) is a 2022 Thai romantic comedy series starring Sarocha Chankimha and Rebecca Patricia Armstrong .[1] Adapted from the novel of the same name by Devil Planoy (เจ้าปลาน้อย), it is directed by Nuttapong Wongkaveepairoj, and produced by IDOLFACTORY. It aired every Saturdays from November 19, 2022 vĩ đại February 11, 2023 on Channel 3 and IDOLFACTORY YouTube channel.[2]

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Gap is Thailand's first girl love series. Due vĩ đại its immense popularity, the series is considered as paving the way for the GL genre. It surpassed 500 million views on YouTube.


Ever since Sam (Sarocha Chankimha) came vĩ đại her aid years ago, Mon (Rebecca Patricia Armstrong) has always considered the former as her role model. When Mon graduates, she decides vĩ đại apply for a job at Sam’s company, yet Sam's distant and icy exterior surprises her. The closer Mon gets vĩ đại Sam, and the more of Sam's barriers she breaks, the more Mon's feelings gradually change from idolizing vĩ đại love and Sam's world becomes brighter. However, between them lie many obstacles such as gender barriers, the 8-year age gap, company rules, and social class, as Sam is a descendant of royalty.[3]

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  • Sarocha Chankimha (Freen) as "Sam" Samanan Anantrakul
  • Rebecca Patricia Armstrong (Becky) as "Mon" Kornkamon Phetpailin [4]
  • Tassawan Seneewongse as Sam's grandmother
  • Asavarid Pinitkanjanapun as Kirk


  • Orntara Poolsak as Jim
  • Irin Urassaya Malaiwong as Yuki
  • Ratchanon Kanpiang as Nop
  • Punnisa Sirisang as Kade
  • Natnicha Vorrakittikun as Tee
  • Sawaros Nekkham as Neung
  • Potida Boomee as Song
  • Jirawat Wachirasarunpat as Aon
  • Amata Piyavanich as Pohn
  • Thongthong Mokjok as Mhee
  • Suttatip Wutchaipradit as Noi
  • Natsinee Charoensitthisap as Yha
  • Chirapathr Pingkanont as Chin


  • Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana(Saint) as Phoom
  • Amanda Jensen as Nita
  • Sulax Siriphattharapong as Cher
  • Praiya Padungsuk as Risa
  • Patchanon Ounsa-ard (Billy) as Nuea (SCOY story)
  • Wichai Saefant (Seng) as Toh (SCOY story)
  • BonBon Armstrong as Sua/Singha

Secret Crush On You= SCOY

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Production and reception[edit]

Gap was announced as the first GL series in Thailand. The project was launched on August 22, 2021, along with the main cast confirmation.[5] Casting vĩ đại find other actors for supporting roles was held on November 13, 2021.[6]

Unfortunately, after the release of Trailer Pilot on May 14, 2022, the series received negative feedback on social truyền thông media.[7] The production team had vĩ đại readjust the script and costumes, in addition vĩ đại making changes vĩ đại shooting locations, which prompted filming vĩ đại be postponed until June đôi mươi, 2022. Filming finally wrapped up on October 22, 2022.[citation needed]

Eventually, the show's final and improved product received an overwhelmingly positive response, which led vĩ đại Freen and Becky receiving multiple awards, having their own world tour, and confirmation that they will star in more GL projects such as "Uranus2324" and "The Passenger".[8][9]

Original soundtrack[edit]

No. Title Artist Length
01 "ทฤษฎีรักนี้สีชมพู (Pink theory)" Sarocha Chankimha & Rebecca Patricia Armstrong 3:11
02 "Whisper" Sarocha Chankimha 3:59
03 "Because of you" Pinpin 3:28
04 "คิดเหมือนกัน (Think alike)" Rebecca Patricia Armstrong 3:08
05 "คำสั่งจากหัวใจ (Orders from the heart)" Sarocha Chankimha 3:21
06 "อย่าจบกันแบบนี้ (Don't over it lượt thích this)" Orntara Poolsak 4:07
07 "ทฤษฎีรักนี้สีชมพู Pink Theory (Bossa Ver.)" Sarocha Chankimha & Rebecca Patricia Armstrong 2:56
08 "นี่น่ะหรือ (Is this it?)" Asavarid Pinitkanjanapun 3:25
09 "Marry me" Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana 3:16
10 "แค่นี้พอ (This is enough)" Asavarid Pinitkanjanapun 4:06
11 "ฉันไม่ยอมแพ้ (I won't give up)" Orntara Poolsak 4:33
12 "No more blues" Sarocha Chankimha & Rebecca Patricia Armstrong 3:20

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2023 KAZZ Awards Popular Female Teenage Award Sarocha Chankimha Won
Rising Female Of The Year Rebecca Patricia Armstrong Won
Couple Of The Year Sarocha Chankimha & Rebecca Patricia Armstrong Won
Series Of The Year Gap: The Series Won
2023 NINEENTERTAIN AWARDS 2023 People Choice's Award Sarocha Chankimha & Rebecca Patricia Armstrong Won
2023 MAYA TV AWARDS 2023 Song of the Year Award "ทฤษฎีรักนี้สีชมพู (Pink theory)" Nominated
Series of the Year Award "GAP the series" Nominated
Female Rising Star of the Year Award Sarocha Chankimha Won
Female Rising Star of the Year Award Rebecca Patricia Armstrong Nominated
Couple of the Year Award Sarocha Chankimha & Rebecca Patricia Armstrong Won