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Horse racing video game fans here you can acquire the fun & enteraining and best of the horse racing games.

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Hey horse racing fans. Looking for the best horse racing game out there where for the first time you can play harness horse racing? I have the best game in Horse Racing Manager 2. This is information on how to receive the game or download as well as a tutorial on playing the game!

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Horse Racing Manager 2 is a sports management game set in the horse racing universe. With 3 game modes (stable, jockey and bettor) that can be played alone or with other players, and 3 types of races (flat, hurdles and trot racing), Horse Racing Manager 2 is the ultimate game for all horse lovers and horse racing fans.

The gameplay footage in this video was recorded by me all throughout.
I do not own the rights to the music or anything relating to Cyanide. This video was created for non-profit usage only.

Looking for horse racing games or just a general fan of horse racing? You’ve come to the right video. I’ve played most of the best horse racing games for pc, like horse racing manager 2. You may have also searched horse games for pc or horse racing video game. Either way it all points you to the same place when it comes to horse games.

I’ve also heard about this descargar horse racing manager 2 pc, not quite sure what that is exactly. However, when it comes to a horse racing pc game, HRM2 is definitely the best horse racing games for pc. It is quite unknown as to what other horse racing games may be in develop similar to horse racing manager. So I hope you enjoy this horse racing video or videos in my playlist!

PC Gameplay
1080p 30FPS


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  2. UPDATED WEBSITE! In order to purchase the game check the LINK in the description box. The old website no longer works. Thank you!

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