How To Find Out If Your PC Can Run A Specific Game [Simple]

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How do you find out if your PC can run a specific game? It’s rather easy if you know where to look. In this video, we will help you with exactly that!

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0:00 Intro
1:11 System Requirements
3:46 What Are Your PC’s Specs?
5:26 UserBenchmark
6:59 Can You Run It?
8:06 Conclusion


  1. can you run it? is a very noice app what i don't like about its when it tellls me my pc can handdle a game and thats what it just did but anyway

  2. "Can you run it" website is a piece of trash, I ask if I could run some games like Batman Arkham City, Fallout 3 and Rage, and all said that my laptop couldn't, to my surprise I already own these games on steam and they run flawlessly. My recommendation is buy the game and try to download it and if it doesn't work just ask for a refund or if the game has a "free demo" available just download that first. You will be surprise how some of these website are not 100% accurate.

  3. Take note: Don't trust canyourunit at 100%, take a look at other websites as well and compare the results. I had a game which said that I dont have the minimum requirements, and I run it at 40-60 fps on medium/high.

    Take a good look at the cpu, graphics card and ram, since those are "the big 3" on system requirements

  4. As a newbie to computer building, I have learned so much from your channel! I like how you make things easy to understand without talking down to the viewer! Thanks so much for providing all this information ^_^

  5. One criticism I have about this video and I would highly not recommend using the can you run it website as I've had some very obscure results. I have experimented by finding out how many of the results are accurate and their not. You want to know if the game will run on your pc use the tried and tested check the requirements on steam or where ever you bought the game.

  6. You can go to Nvidia panel and check there
    Or go online and search the minimum requirement for that game and see if you pc can handle it

  7. TIP#1 DO NOT BE A CHEAPASS< BUY ANYTHING $250 and up 6gb or more youll do fine ANY GAME on any machine (AS LONG AS YUOU HAVE POWER FOR IT)

  8. he comments on smaller channels asking to be friends so he will gain subs if you didnt know 😛
    leave a sub for that xDDDDDDDDDin JK, or am i ?

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