LGR – Dungeon Keeper – DOS PC Game Review

“IT IS PAYDAY.” Taking a look at the 1997 real-time strategy classic by Bullfrog and Peter Molyneux. Control evil minions, delve greedily, and put an end to those pesky heroes once and for all.

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Background music is from the Dungeon Keeper OST



  1. youtube just recommended to me that I watch Total biscuit review DK2. I miss him so much!! The comments saying how much everyone misses him made me cry.

  2. I remember buying this game when Iwas 3 years old with my uncle when we went into the game shop, came in the big box. I managed to complete it when I was 5 years old, Yes really I sat infront of the pc day in day out 24/7 nearly playing it, till I finished it, the horned reaper has been my pfp since Myspace and MSN days lol

  3. If you put dancy at the end of a word and then you redo it and put dancy at the end of another word.. I believe you could call that redundancy.

  4. Uuuugh this game is so good.

    Fun fact: all those sound clips for the world map are just music files on the disk. That is the reason I had the Cozyton (sp?) one as my text alert for some time.

  5. There are levels that can be completed ininitely faster with possession. Possessing an imp can also be extremely useful. Just get Transfer Creature, take your choice of baddy to the next level, possess it and beat the level in first person. Usual choice is Knight, Vampire or Reaper.

  6. In the german port, the voices were even more awesome in this case. 😀 and: the obsession was NOT useless, it made me win missions i would not have without 😀

  7. First person view was awesome what you talking about LRG? Not only was it super cool to walk around your dungeons, but a smart human could always outwit the AI using hit and run tactics, making you more effective than fighting with just AI units.

  8. I tend to use the posses creature spell to take over an imp when I need gold more speedily but they are obsessed with running it to a treasury. I then pick it all up by hand and zoom it to the treasury. Maybe I'm missing a trick here?

  9. I absolutely love Dungeon Keeper! Taking possession of a minion isn't completely useless. Many levels can be won quickly by taking a level 10 Mistress, Dragon, or Vampire with you to the next level and going right after the enemy heart after you decimate their meager band of thugs.

  10. Just so you know, DK can be much prettier than what LGR shows. It's displayed in low res when you can have a higher res and also real walls. The interface shouldn't be pixelated like that. You can even get real 3D textured mods if you're adventurous. The game doesn't really look like what's in the video actually, it's much prettier. I don't know why LGR didn't want to show the program in its full potential but hey, I'm just a nobody on the internet.

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