Nickelodeon Party Blast FULL GAME Longplay (GCN, Xbox, PC)

Nickelodeon Party Blast FULL GAME Longplay (GCN, Xbox, PC) No Commentary Gameplay (all mini-games) 1080p

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  1. Ideas for sequel
    New characters: Timmy, one of the TMNTs, Patrick, Sandy, Ren, Stimpy, Arnold, Helga, Norb, Dag, Jenny, Aang, Danny, Rocko, Gir, Dudley Puppy, Lincoln, Skipper, one of the Rabbids, Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm plus orginal roster (unlock characters after completing a cup)
    Make Cosmo and Wanda the commentators
    New games:
    Slime Chuck: Everyone has a bucket to gather slime throughout the arena. Once they have some, then they chuck it at their opponents causing them to lose points and you gain points. Win by either having the most amount of points after 3 minutes or being last one standing (Professor Calamitous is the boss)
    Volleyball: Regular volleyball with net shaped like an X (Vicky, Mr. Crocker, and Francis are the bosses)
    Surf Wars: Everyone surfing and doing moves to score points but also try to wipeout their opponents by splashing water onto them so they don't score (Lars is the boss)
    Target practice: Everyone is not only catching items floating around (whose theme goes along with their show), but they're also trying to throw them at moving targets. Example: everyone trying to catch jellyfish in jellyfish fields (The Flying Dutchman is the boss)
    Bounce Off: Everyone bouncing on their own contraption and trying to ram their opponents out of the arena, you can use weapons to help you ram your opponents
    (Bird Brain is the boss)

  2. SpongeBob was my favorite Character as a Kid can't believe he's still here while i have another favorite (Eliza) SpongeBob was and will always be Nick as a whole

  3. I love nickelodeon party blast💖💖😍😍💖😍😍😍😍😍😍💖😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💖😍😍💖😍

  4. ever since Mario party was launched, most companies tried to take this form to either compete with Nintendo or just to have fun, also, I would want GIR to be a playable character

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