Reviewing May 1st Sabres vs Bruins Game

That turned out exactly as was expected.

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  1. I'd rather have Nordstrom over Ritchie, he seemed to have clicked pretty well with Coyle,a tenacious fore-/back-checker with way better hands, Ritchie doesnt contribute anything even on that first PP, just a pylon infront of the net..

  2. Well you're like "ok, they destroyed Buffalo, but let's see what they can do against tough opponents" – have they not beaten Washington, Pittsburgh and double Islanders since the trade deadline? What more do they need to be considered as "tested against tough opponents"?

  3. Fiddlesticks. I've been hoping Buffalo would sneak in as the 28th seed.

    Gentlemen. We can rebuild them. We have the technology. But I'm more focused on the Bills so… – Terry Pegula.

  4. I'm starting to believe this was Taylor Hall's plan all along. Get big money for a year from a bottom feeder, watch them bomb and then get moved to a contending team at the deadline after salary gets retained. Smart man and still my favorite player in the league.

  5. 14 Games!!!

    Hope you're taking some tea or lozenges for your throat, today, Shannon!

    Nice to see the B's score with 5 on 5. I am hoping that new 2nd line, with the deadline additions really helps. FINALLY, Krecji has a line!

  6. Yeah Bruins are 8 pts ahead of rangers with still 1 more game on hand. Unless Rangers somehow win all 5 games in regulation and either the Bruins and/or Islanders lose all their remaining games in regulation, Rangers are done.
    Rangers play Isles tonight, so this will pretty much determine it.
    It will be interesting to see the final seed in this division.

  7. The Rochester Americans have Stefanos Lekkas so that's their next point of call for back-up. At this rate, I'm pretty sure Sabres fans would love nothing more than Terry Pegula to get in net. They can get shelled all they want but will love every shot being pinged straight at him.

  8. I made jokes, like tons of other people. After Hallzy went to Boston, like "here comes the losing streak! … gonna find a way to miss the playoffs now!"
    But in all honesty. He fits in, in Boston REALLY well. And I hope he sticks around in Boston for a while. Good on em.

  9. Definitely not a coincident krech is hot rn. Sweeney showed that they believe in him by getting a guy like hall which has definitely boosted his confidence level out there.

  10. Krejci started playing better then they gave him Smith back after Smith was with Bergeron and Marchand and got hot. I think it's just a coincidence that Hall is on the line now and they are performing so well.

  11. The situation where Dahlin boarded Pastrnak, crosschecked Marchand, dropped the gloves against both but ended up not really fighting, and then ended up getting his team a power play, that has to be the most hillarious play of the season!

  12. Taylor Hall's impact on the Bruins was in full effect today, I can't remember a time when the Bruins scored 6 goals and the Bergeron line only had one of them.

  13. I watched this game even though I'm not a fan of either team. Bruins absolutely dominated all 60 minutes. I started feeling sorry for the Sabres players. Kinda funny how good Hall looks out there. Everyone was saying he's done, now he's a point a game player, with like 5 or 6 goals in 10 games playing in Boston. Funny how big a difference playing on a good team can make (ask Sam Bennett).

    It's funny listening to that New England accent on the commentators where they don't pronounce "R's" when you're not used to hearing it. Also, it hardly seems fair to the Play-by-Play guy that Buffalo has 2 players named Ruotsalainen and Ristolainen on the same team. Poor guy was having a helluva time keeping those straight

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