Ride The Video Game PC [RP Game Reviews]

Milestone’s new motorcycle racing game just came out on Steam on the 27th. How well does it fare up to its predecessors? Let’s find out!

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  1. I sent the below question to you on motogp review as well. looking forward to your reply. Also, is the physics of the bikes something that you feel in the game??? e.g. R1M better handling than say, GSXR 1000RR?
    What tracks are available ??? I am going to use this to learn some tracks before actually going there. I live near assen in netherlands.
    can you check if the following are available in the game: Assen, zandvoort, Circuit of Spa Francorchamps, nurburgring. Can you please check and reply me.

  2. Gear customisation is probably lacking and the colour choices are too because they're probably all licensed clothing, advetising their brand and gear they sell.

    As for the bikes, why would you want cruisers and super motos? The games primarily about racing, hence the variety of sport bikes, though I can somewhat understand the super motos if there were off road tracks, but the cruisers? hell no, what would be the point. Who wants to lug round on a cruiser and race?

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