*SEASON 5* BEST PC Settings for Warzone! (Maximize FPS & Visibility)

An UPDATED guide for the BEST PC settings in Warzone Season 5! These settings will help boost your FPS & improve visibility

~PC Optimizations~

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Video testing the optimizations –

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Windows Settings 0:00
NVIDIA Control Panel 3:22
Graphic Settings 6:40



  1. at 3:14 he enables HAGS or (hardware accelerated GPU schduling) KEEP IN MIND that enabling this will make your streams on twitch and discord very framey. im talking powerpoint slides framey. it shouldn't be an issue if you're streaming with dual pc setups but if you're single pc, TURN THIS OFF FOR STREAMING

  2. Why would you change render worker count to 4 and not elaborate on that? I have a Ryzen7 5800x, so I would want to change it to 8, no? Lots of people have the R5 3600 still, so wouldn't they change it to 6?

  3. i cant belive this guy actully got 55K view on this and 30K subs, he litterly get you to adv_options file and tell you "put workerrandercount to 4" without even knowing its the number of physical cores in your pc that your game will use, for example i7-8700K got 6, i7-10700K got 8, and 5800X got 8.

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